Continuing on from my previous blog on Open Source Architecture, this week Paperhouses was relaunched. There mission statement:

Paperhouses is the first open source platform that brings world-class design for free to the general public.

Paperhouses (2015) Available at:

Through the Paperhouses initiative architects from around the world including renowned names such as Carl Turner Architects will release house designs freely for anyone to use, modify and distribute. Thus achieving the key goal of Open Source Architecture, making quality design accessible to all, not just the 1% who can afford the services of an architect.

Paperhouses aims to push the accessibility even further by simplifying the process of finding appropriate contractors to build the designs. They have a database of contractors with the resources to complete the projects provide the engine to get the best quote. Over time, this should lead to a symbiotic relationship. As contractors become familiar with the building designs their build times will reduce, leading to cheaper construction.

Currently, three designs are available through Paperhouses with more on the way.

The Folk House

The Folk House by Sporaarchitects

The Bolt House

The Bolt House by Panorama

The Module House

The Module House by Tatiana Bilbao

Images: Paperhouses (2015) Available at: