I typically avoid political articles within this blog as they tend to be contentious issues but the Junior Doctors Strike is a cause I strongly believe in and it would be remiss not to mention it.

PatientSource (2016)

The conservative party plan - using Jeremy Hunt as a scapegoat - to cripple the NHS is an ingenious one if he succeeds in forcing his pay cut and working hours change on the junior doctors then one of two scenarios will occur.

  1. The doctors play along nicely, accept the pay cuts and the increase in working hours. The only victim here will be the doctor's health and a few patients' lives, but who cares about them anyway.

  2. The junior doctors will migrate abroad to countries where they're respected. Without sufficient doctors, the NHS will begin to crumble and thus private medical staff will have to be brought in. Thus continuing the privatisation of the NHS, and the tory plan.

So it's a win, win scenario for the conservative party, only the public lose out.

PatientSource (2016) Why Patient Source is Supporting the Junior Doctors. Online. Available at: http://www.patientsource.co.uk/news/2015-11-29/why-patientsource-is-supporting-the-junior-doctors