The preliminary topic for our group presentation is the cultural value of Steet Art.

Street Art is any work of art, typically unsanctioned, in an outdoor location. The most common form is graffiti but a there a number of artists who resort to more experimental media, for instance, scattered around Newcastle are a number of space invader mosaics, the works of French artist Invader.

So, does street art add to the culture of a city?

Many works of Street Art, particularly those of graffiti artist Banksy have developed a cult following and even entered the mainstream art world. These works of art certainly add cultural value to a place, people often go hunting for famous Banksy's around London.

So, in much the same way that some works of art are unique cultural masterpieces and others are generic, derivatives sold cheaply in the mass market, there are some Street Art such as the space invaders which add a little art and culture to an otherwise placeless wall but there are plenty more graffiti tags that only stain their environment.