Crossrail has unveiled the design for the trains to run on the Crossrail network when it's completed in 2017. They will be built by Bombardier in Derby to ensuring jobs are created within the UK.

The carriage design draws many of its ideas from the recent Circle and Metropolitan line and Overground trains, with walk-through carriages, and large windows but they'll be significantly longer. At 200m long they're over 1.5 times the length of the longest underground train currently in service.

Free Wi-Fi and 4G will be available on board and on the platforms making the Crossrail stock the most connected of TFLs fleet. Finally, they'll feature efficient air conditioning throughout ensuring effective climate control unlike the majority of underground services currently in stock.

*Transport for London (2015) New Crossrail Trains. Available at:*

Transport for London (2015) Mayor and TFL Unveil Eye-Catching Design for New High-Quality Crossrail Trains. Available at: